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Live music from some of the Jobs that were tape doing --- real              JAZZ

As a freelance musician I have truly been blessed by being able to preform or record with so many great and talented musician.  However over the years I began to realize that many of those experiences were forever lost in that moment of time.

As technology has improved and now affects all of our lives tools like cell phones, digital cameras, portable recorders etc. have given all of us tools to captures some life's enjoyable moments.

Therefore, recently I began taking my MP3 recorded with me to work. So now I am able to share with you some of those RAW moment in time that I have experience as a Professional Drummer. I say RAW because most of the time I set my recorder just about anywhere on the stage (on the floor,  on a monitor, by a speaker, next to my drums, etc.) So the recording are truly RAW meaning that they are not a professional recording but a MP3 recording capturing some of my friends and musician at work.

These are LIVE tracks of some great musician and music that brought a smile to my face... as I hope it does yours

gIANT sTEPS                                        JAZZZONE LIVE IN BRENTWOOD

This song is for TRUE Jazz Lovers only ... Roscoe Lee Owens & the JAZZZONE Bands version of John Coltrane song "GIANT STEPS"  

Giant Steps -Vocal.mp3

Featuring:  Joel Scott - Daryl Darden- Michael Sochey - Stephen Foster


Here's another song for the TRUE Jazz Lovers ... same JAZZZONE Band version of John Coltrane song "MOMENTS NOTICE" 

12 Moments Notice.mp3

Featuring: Joel Scott - Daryl Darden- Michael Sochey - Stephen Foster 


Body and Soul.mp3

Featuring Joel Scott - Daryl Darden- Michael Sochey - Stephen Foster